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Diving games
Oct 18, 2016

Scuba shore

Equipped with a full set of diving equipment, including neutral buoyancy of diving suits, regulator, fins, mask and a gas cylinder. Taught by coach simple diving knowledge and skills by the instructor to dive in the area close to the coast about 4, 5 m.

Scuba boat dives

The first dive with scuba shore the same experience, again under the leadership of coach boat into deeper waters and shore the maximum difference is equipped with, usually dive about 10 meters deep, you can see the underwater world more colorful.

Free diving

As its name suggests, it is only equipped with a mask, snorkel, fins, lifejackets, but not equipped with scuba. Divers with special duck-dive by dive, people familiar with that game can dive to 10-meter-deep waters.

Night dive

Night sea, more exciting than the day, the scenery more beautiful, because a torch light through water, not just like the day is filtered color temperature, color of the Ocean can be fully restored. Night dive is to overcome our fear of the dark.

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