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Flippers adjustment belt selection
Oct 18, 2016

Some divers in the water when adjusting the flippers belts can be difficult, so some manufacturers are particularly easy to adjust straps were attached to adjust the belt projections facilitate the adjustment. But when you need to replace the belt, and belt with quick release buckle must be match fit, or the belt may be loose or it is difficult to adjust.

Rana 1 Web design

Frogs webbed designs flippers is one of the biggest differences.

2 keel

Actually, almost all of frog webbed are contains has two root or two root above of keel, keel of purpose is used to strengthening frog shoes webbed surface of strength, and provides frog shoes movement Shi of vertical stable degrees, prevent webbed surface shaking; most of keel are is from feet sets part began extends to frog webbed of side side, some frog shoes is also has additional of keel, from feet sets end extends to frog webbed of bottom edge.

Some flippers lateral keels frogs webbed designs, aims to increase the contact area with water.

3 drainage holes

Has the drainage hole of the fins first developed in the early 1960; drainage openings reduce the flippers move, the main function of resistance, and increase the efficiency of frog's webbed. Design of water drainage holes from the front flippers oriented rear, the application works best on soft-flippers. Such as water drainage holes from the rear fins oriented front design is more suitable for rigid flippers, this design can reduce the effort required to foot.

4 channels

Another way to increase the efficiency of frog's webbed is changing frogs webbed up and down shape, make the frog's webbed to form "u" channel. "U" channels to gather large amounts of water and water discharge from the flippers at the bottom at the same time, increase the propulsive efficiency.

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