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Goggles anti fog
Oct 18, 2016

Just bought goggle lenses are generally coated with anti-fogging layer, but after some time, anti-fogging layer is washed off, lens fog occurs when swimming, affect swimming vision. In this case, a purchase goggles fog spraying or coating on the lenses, but fog is expensive. You can choose to use baby shampoo instead, the effect is very good, and the price is cheap. Method of use: swimming baby shampoo before squeezing a drop in my hands, after using the index finger of the other hand dipped coating on the lenses, wash in the pool of water when swimming goggles. Absolutely no mist is produced at the lenses while swimming, or irritation of the eyes, is the Golden goggles anti-fog agent substitute.

1. the most direct way is to purchase anti-fogging agent, painted the goggles, then rinse again.

2. with a small amount of baby shampoo Johnson (no tears) painted the goggles, and then washed with water;

3. direct also has many friends gently lick with his tongue, can also play a certain effect;

4. you can also use dishwashing liquid, shower gel, shampoo drip into the frame, be evenly after, wash (wash dirt stings the eyes).

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