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How to choose the flippers?
Oct 18, 2016

Flippers are our source of propulsion in the water. Flippers on the market there are numerous styles, level, hard and soft uppers vary widely in size, no certain standard can swallow. Just like F1 Formula One racing are the crystallization of plant technology, choose a good car, each of them is the powerful, accelerating fierce Maxima horsepower, but not everyone can handle. Flippers is very similar to selecting flippers to fit the individual's physique, physical strength as well as dive depends on the environment. For someone who has never used flippers, the selection of a suitable pair of flippers is a very difficult thing.

Experienced divers, accompanied by the best, selected with flippers. Flipper type can be divided into two kinds, one is worn directly on the feet-foot flippers, another must wear dive shoes, and wearing flippers bandage-style flippers. In General, the set-foot fins suitable for snorkeling. Because mostly shore recreational diving activities, must be floating on the water some distance before arriving in diving sites. Foot flippers for upper small, relatively small thrust, carries the full set of diving equipment for long distance when the float, there may be feeling overwhelmed. In addition both snorkeling or scuba diving, are unable to avoid walking on the shore, using fins once set foot off his flippers, feet completely unprotected, be very careful when walking barefoot, or is likely to get hurt. Strap fins uppers, propulsion, but according to quality, also for snorkeling and diving can be distinguished. Snorkeling flippers texture less vamp than thin, usually floating in the water ...

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