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The Equipment You Need For Diving
Jun 10, 2016

The Equipment You Need For Diving

Diving Mask

As the human eye was only designed to work properly in air not water,the diving mask is your essential window on the underwater world.

Wetsuit or drysuit

Depending on where you dive-in warm or cold water-you will need a protective layer of clothing.In warmer waters,a wetsuit is used,which is made of a layer of neoprene rubber.This acts as insulation by trapping a thin layer of water next to the skin which the body then heats up.The colder the water,the thicker the wetsuit.


Fins enable divers to swim underwater and allow a level of control and freedom of movement that would otherwise be impossible.There are a wide range of fins on the market but they fall into two types-full foot fins,most commonly used in the pool while training and strap fins,which are worn with boots.

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